I’m stoked to launch Off The Mind today. It’s the kind of little app I love working on, and proves to be very useful. It started as a small one-day project just to validate a couple ideas, and after using it for a few weeks, I got convinced to pursue the development and launch the app.

So what’s the deal with Off The Mind?

It tries to solve two problems.

  1. We rarely write down short thoughts

    Whenever we’re in the middle of a great conversation, someone mentions something we think we’ll remember, but most of the time we forget about it. Or we walk in the street and have this though we never write down and forget. Why don’t we write these things down? Because it’s tedious to quickly write short notes in our phones.

    Every time you leave Off The Mind, it saves the previous note you were editing, so that the next time you open the app, it clears the editor and it’s ready to record a new note.
    So you open Off The Mind, you type, and leave. Your note is saved. Next time you open the app, the text field is empty again so you can type a new note.

  2. We often forget about our notes

    Most of the time, we open our note-taking app to write down something, but we rarely open it to browse our notes. So whenever we come back, we’re like archeologists digging through archives of old - sometimes no more useful - notes.

    Off The Mind notifies you every day about your new notes, so that you don’t forget about them. That way you are able to frequently do the necessary action with your latest notes so that they never become old and irrelevant archives.

I believe these two features set Off The Mind apart from the other note-taking apps.

I plan to keep Off The Mind simple. Don’t expect many more features, because when you’re on your phone, you don’t have time to write a novel; leave that task to tablets. However, it’s not just a matter of putting thoughts quickly in, you have to be able to do something with your notes.

- Oli